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About the research group

The Northern Sociolinguistic Encounters research group consists of researchers of Fennistics, Nordic Philology and Sámi language. The investigated languages are Finnish, Meänkieli, Kven, Viena Karelian, Vepsian, Swedish, and Sámi language(s). NSE is one of the research communities of the Transcultural Encounters Research Center in University of Oulu.

About the research project

Language ideologies, language use and experience of wellbeing in multilingual communities of practice (MINOLANG) is a research project founded to study multilingualism and multicultural neighbourhoods in the Oulu region from a perspective of different linguistic communities of practice. In this project we investigate the sociolinguistic situation in Swedish and Karelian speaking groups as well as those formed by people living in the area who are originally from an immigrant background. The aim of the project is to highlight the often-unrecognized multilingual and -cultural nature of the area, and offer information and material in support of the scientific community, multilingual individuals, different communities of practice and multilingual and multicultural education of the area. On this website, we will publish topical information about our project as well as educational material and other data.

Contact: PI, Professor Niina Kunnas –