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About the research group

The Northern Sociolinguistic Encounters research group consists of researchers of Fennistics, Nordic Philology and Sámi language. The investigated languages are Finnish, Meänkieli, Kven, Karelian, Swedish, and Sámi language(s). NSE is one of the research communities of the Transcultural Encounters Research Center in University of Oulu.

Research projects

The Dynamics of Minority Language Survival (DynamicS) is a research project founded to study multilingualism in the Oulu region.In our multidisciplinary project we study the dynamics of minority language survival. Language endangerment has been the focus of much attention over the past few decades. Earlier, minority language research has typically looked at how endangered language is. DynamicS in turn, aims to highlight positive factors that preserve minority languages. Why some people manage to maintain their heritage language despite assimilation policy? What influential factors lie behind this phenomenon? What kinds of issues in communality, community spirit and linguistic and cultural status guarantee the wellbeing and survival of a language minority? By researching these issues and disseminating the results we are promoting the revitalization of minority languages all over the world. On this website, we will publish topical information about our project as well as educational material and other data.

Contact: PI, Professor Niina Kunnas –